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Pricing Guidelines
(subject to change without notice)

Every commission is a one of a kind, and there are many variable factors that effect the final cost of a project.  The below gives you the basic information I use to determine the price. 

- Minimum order for any commission is $200.

- Cost is $100 per square foot, or $10/number of pieces, which ever is greater;

PLUS design time, materials, optional decorative soldering/framing/travel expenses, and tax/shipping/handling if applicable.

- Design time, minimum of 1 hour at $75/hr.

- Cost of Glass, ranges from $5 to $50 or more dollars per square foot.  The majority of glass is in the $10-$15/sq.í range.

- Solder, copper foil, re-bar, patina (black or copper finishes), and aquarium sealant at $5 per roll/bottle/tube.

- Optional Decorative soldering at $75/hr.

- Framing, if needed, is determined by the cost of materials plus the below options
           - Unfinished wood at $10 per linear foot.
           - Finished wood with pre-stain, stain or varnish add $2/ft. for each layer of application to
              the unfinished wood price.
           - Copper, brass, or zinc at $5 per linear foot.
           - Decorative solder covering a metal frame and patina to match the rest of the piece,
              add $15/ft. to the metal frame price.

 - For Water Fountains, I most often use Aquarium Systems, mini-jet MN 404 at $20 each.  Any other pumps at cost plus 25%.

- Any other materials: rocks, copper pipe and sheeting, gems or whatever else we decide to include will be at my cost plus 25%.  You are welcome to provide any special personal items to include in a project; cost will depend on the time needed to include them.

- Optional Travel Expenses. Within 100 miles, $50 per hour on site visits, plus 50 cents per mile transit fee.   Outside 100 miles, $50 per hour on site visits, plus $150 per day, and travel expenses.  Travel expenses can be avoided by you visiting me for consultations/updates/pick-up, and coordinating on-line, or by phone/fax/mail.  I live & work approximately 45 miles east of downtown San Diego, CA.

And thatís about it!!!  I look forward to working with you.

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