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The Process

Prior to reading about the process I wish to make clear what I do and how I do it, it may save us all much time.  I create using the copper foil & solder method exclusively.  My creations are very personal and divinely guided.  My clients are prosperous, healthy, patient, joyful, appreciative, and spiritually like minded (you can read more about my spiritual philosophy in “About The Artist”.)  While I was learning the Art of Stained Glass (in this lifetime at least), I made many thousands of simple crafts using store bought patterns, and progressed onto original windows, lamps, water fountains and sculptures.  I choose now to create only one of a kind, very personal works of Art for individual clients.  I work only one special commission at a time, and am just as happy to do a few unique pieces each year, as many.  I work at a gentle, peaceful, relaxed pace, and allow the divine power of the Universe to flow through me at the perfect time and place.  If you’re looking for a “quick, I need something by tomorrow” kind of thing, I respectfully request that you keep on looking.  There are plenty of people out there already providing that kind of service, and I encourage you to find the one that’s right for you.  If I’m what you’re looking for, then please do read on. 

Before the process starts, I can give you a rough estimate of what the final cost of a project may be, or you can determine that yourself at “Pricing Guidelines.”  The final cost depends on so many factors, it can only be determined when the final design is determined and approved.  Your financial commitment is very minimal until that point; just enough to compensate me for the time I invest in the design process.

The process starts with creating the concept

This can come from anywhere, an idea, photo, picture, magazine, post card, patters in your home, you name it.  I  take bits and pieces from anything & everything to develop a unique pattern.  I invite you to be as involved in the process of creating as you like, or you may leave it to me completely; which ever suits your desires.

When we both commit to starting the design process (my choice to continue is as important as yours) I require a non-refundable deposit of at least $150 (less the deposit you may have already paid to be on the “Waiting List”), which covers 2 hours of my design time, and is credited to the final cost of the project.  Larger deposits may be required for more complex projects.

Next I create and provide an actual pattern for your consideration.  The design process can occur on-line, in person, or by mail, and to some degree by phone or fax.  The software program I use includes the full range of glasses readily available, so I can e-mail the proposals and/or provide hard copies.  You may choose to have me visit your home, you visit my Studio, meet me at the Glass Store to see the glass in person (that’s the most fun & exciting time in the process), complete the process on-line or by fax/mail, or any combination of the above.  You decide what meets your desires and budget.   

At this point in the process the possibilities for changes are endless.  There are limitless combinations of glass colors, textures, translucencies and patterns to choose from.  As we go through the design process, all design time fees thus incurred are due and non-refundable.  If you need more than 2 calendar weeks to move from one step of the process to the next, I will proceed to my next client, and contact you again when that project is completed and I’m ready to re-start yours.

When we have agreed on the final pattern, colors, textures, and many details,  I provide the final cost of the commission in writing.  At this or any point prior you may choose to continue or cancel the project.

On your approval of the final details and cost, I require a  non-refundable deposit that equals 50% of the overall project (less any fees you’ve already paid) to begin the commission.  Any changes after approval to proceed may increase the final cost. 

The balance is due on your utter and total satisfaction of the completed project.

And that’s about it!!!  I look forward to working with you.

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