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Waiting List

If you’ve read  “The Process” you’ll understand why I must coordinate a “Waiting List.”  It’s just me folks.  Only my hands, heart and soul touch your commission, until you or the shipping company does.  I’ve developed the below process in order to manage my work in the fairest way possible for all concerned.

It costs a non-refundable $25 to get on my waiting list.  That $25 will be credited to the overall cost of a completed commission.  This assists in ensuring me of your sincere intention to follow through on a commission, and helps me manage what jobs I’ll be working next.  

When I’m finished with the previous project and ready to move on to yours I  require at least an additional $125 non-refundable deposit to begin the design process (see “The Process”.)  If for any reason you are not ready to begin within 2 calendar weeks, I move to the next person on the list and move you down one person.  This continues in the same manner until our schedules coincide or you request to be removed from the list.

When you join the waiting list, I forward a receipt and inform you of where you stand on the list.  If you’re on-line I will update  you as you move up each time.  If you’re not on-line, you may phone me for updates as you like (619-933-6394.)  In any case, your place on the list is secured when the check has cleared, or the credit card approved. 

Make checks out to Jody Karkowski and mail to P.O. Box 310232, Guatay, CA 91931.  Include full name, mailing address, phone, and e-mail address if you have one.  Or you may phone/e-mail/fax the same with your credit card information. 

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